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The true method of knowledge is experiment.
William Blake
Apprenons avec le sérieux d'un enfant qui joue...

Peanut butter is the center of the universe !

Petey Tubber loves peanut butter. In fact, he swears that everything in the universe is related to peanut butter in some way or other. For example, rocks are like peanut butter. Some rocks are smooth and some bumpy, just as some peanut is smooth and some is chunky. Clapping is like peanut butter, too. A clap alwalys goes between two hands, and peanut butter goes between two slices of bread.

Tell one way each of the following things is like peanut butter. ( It's okay to be a little silly, as long as you make a connection)

1. Fish
2. Rugs
3. Socks
5. walls
6. eggs
7. dogs
8. moon
9. worms
10. stamps

Have fun !!