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The true method of knowledge is experiment.
William Blake
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T.V Show suggestions:

Once Upon a Time
The 100
Pretty little liars
Prison Break
One Tree Hill
Under the dome
Vampire Diary
Switched at birth
Hart of Dixie

Practice your English

If you are looking for a fun and interactive way to study English grammar, you can find almost everything you need on the Internet. There are exercises, tests, study guides, quizzes, and many other materials that make studying English grammar both simple and entertaining. Here are 20 resources to try:
Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) - The Purdue OWL offers a wide variety of exercises in grammar, punctuation, and spelling for English students. The exercises cover everything from basic grammar rules to advanced grammar understanding.

Daily Grammar - The Daily Grammar site provides grammar lessons and reviews that make it easy to study English grammar. Reviews cover parts of speech, parts of sentences, and mechanics. - This free online site for English usage rules has fun and interactive quizzes and videos for reviewing grammar rules. This is the perfect way to learn and refresh your English grammar skills.

FlashcardExchange - The FlashcardExchange provides several pre-made flashcard sets that grammar studiers will find extremely useful. This site can also be used to create and share original English grammar flashcards.

Chomp Chomp - This free grammar site provides interactive exercises for testing your grammar knowledge. The exercises include accompanying handouts to increase retention.

Online English Grammar - The Online English Grammar site provides a list of free online tests and games for practicing grammar. Most of the grammar tests and games are designed for intermediate to advanced users.

HyperGrammar - HyperGrammar, a University of Ottawa site, has free grammar lessons with an end-of-lesson review test for testing knowledge and finding the weak spots in your grammar knowledge.
Newroom - provides thousands of free exercises for writers, students, editors, and other people who want to study or review grammar.
English Exercises Online - English Exercises Online has a collection of online grammar quizzes that can be used as study aids. The quizzes are mainly fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice and offer a guide for difficulty.

Oxford University Press - The online practice grammar guide from Oxford Press University features free online practice tests for basic to advanced studiers. The tests make it easy to figure out the grammar skills you have perfected versus the skills you still need to improve.

The Online Grammar Guide - This free online study guide is specifically designed for advanced English users. The guide, created by Jack Lynch, covers all grammar subjects from A versus An to Who versus Whom.

SpeakSpeak - SpeakSpeak provides advanced English grammar practice exercises for learning or studying grammar. Simply review the exercises and take the online tests to find out what skills you need to review.

English Grammar Exercises - These online exercises were written by an English teacher at College Claparede to provide grammar practice for advanced students.

Guide to Grammar and Writing - The Guide to Grammar and Writing features interactive quizzes and overviews for advanced English grammar study. The site also contains college level vocabulary lists and quizzes.

Quizlet - This free online flashcard site features 74 pre-made flashcard sets for studying English grammar. Users can use the flashcards to learn, familiarize, and test terms and usage.
Cengage Learning - This online study center features practice tests for learning and reviewing English grammar rules. Within this site users will find free practice tests for everything from apostrophes to subjects and verbs.
Learn4Good - Learn4Good, a free English study and exercise site, features grammar practice for SAT, PET, FCE, CAE, and more. The site lists and explains some of the more difficult grammar concepts and allows you to put your knowledge into practice with review tests.

Nonstop English - The Nonstop English site features advanced exercises for ESL students who are preparing for the TOEFL.

Activities for ESL Students - This site for ESL students provides a large collection of self-study grammar quizzes. Users can simply browse through the quizzes and pick the level that will challenge them.

The Tower of English - The Tower of English is a site created for ESL students to study and learn every aspect of English.

**This post has been written by education writer Karen Schweitzer. She writes the Business School Guide for and has been serving as an advisor to Business School as well. She also writes about online courses for

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Advantages of Reading

When you learn a language, listening, speaking and writing are important, but reading can also be very helpful. There are many advantages associated with reading, including:

Learning vocabulary in context
Seeing "correctly structured" English
Working at your own speed

Things to read:

Short stories
Graphic novel
comic book
novels (fiction, non fiction)
Cornflakes packets ( any box, bottle etc)
Any news on the web

Things teenagers watch on television are also available in graphic novels:

The walking dead, Naruto, Batman, V for Vendetta, Twilight, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Wolverine, The Avengers, Bone, Swap Thing


I just realized, after all this time of doing homework and preparing for exams, I haven’t done ANY blogging. I am now making a change to that. Since I (try to) read a lot, I thought I’d do a little piece on “What I’m Reading for fun”.

So… among other things I’m reading…


The BONE series of Jeff Smith

The story starts with three Bone cousins out in the desert: The main character (so far at least) Fone Bone, comic relief cigar-smoking Smiley Bone and greedy Phoncible P. “Phoney” Bone. They’ve been thrown out of their village, Boneville, for reasons that aren’t quite clear to the reader. Soon enough they get seperated by a swarm of locusts and Fone Bone stumbles into a valley where he encounters all kinds of creatures. One of the characters he meets is a young girl named Thorn who he instantly has a crush on.Though there are the “rat creatures” which are gangly, big teethed, rather unintelligent “monsters” the series is pretty kid friendly. So any child that’s old enough to read and understands that this is just a story, shouldn’t have any problems.

The story is fun. It kept me turning the page. It is now a must read in my collection. I will be buying the rest of the books when I have the budget to do so! I might include them into my lessons ? Comic book, readers'theatre.. why not !
I started a gloster on Bone for my students.. I am very inspired by this book



We believe that the easiest way to change people's behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do.

Children links to try out International Children's Digital Library: a great literature site, free access to children books

A great site for puzzles and worksheets is :

Work sheet for teachers :

Print and learn for kids :

A very good animated educational site (social studies,science, english, math, art, music...and more) :

Penguin readers catalogue made by Longman Pearson :

Story archive for more advance readers:

Peanut butter is the center of the universe !

Petey Tubber loves peanut butter. In fact, he swears that everything in the universe is related to peanut butter in some way or other. For example, rocks are like peanut butter. Some rocks are smooth and some bumpy, just as some peanut is smooth and some is chunky. Clapping is like peanut butter, too. A clap alwalys goes between two hands, and peanut butter goes between two slices of bread.

Tell one way each of the following things is like peanut butter. ( It's okay to be a little silly, as long as you make a connection)

1. Fish
2. Rugs
3. Socks
5. walls
6. eggs
7. dogs
8. moon
9. worms
10. stamps

Have fun !!